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Welcome to SORC!

The South Omo Research Center (SORC) is an Ethiopian institution established with the objective to undertake basic and applied research, maintain an ethnographic museum, and promote intercultural understanding. SORC is located in Jinka, the capital of South Omo Zone and it is managed by Jinka University. 

SORC consists of three distinct sections: 

  • The museum, which hosts a large collection of ethnographic objects from various ethnic groups of the South Omo Zone;
  • The research center, where basic and applied research is conducted;
  • The library, one of the first public libraries in Jinka. 

South Omo Zone

The South Omo Zone is divided into ten administrative districts or woredas. The Zone is home to 16 ethnic groups whose population count between more than 100 and more than 100,000 people. The ethnic groups found in South Omo are: Aari, Maale, Hamar, Arbore, Kara, Dasanech, Bodi, Mursi, Nyangatom, Dime, Bacha, Birale, Ts’emay, Banna, Murle, Kwegu. The life style of the inhabitants of the South Omo Zone diverges and also the environment people live in. South Omo is home to various natural resources and attractions such as natural caves, marvellous waterfalls, historical sites, forests and wildlife. 

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